Ya know, this may not be a popular post to make, but being popular isn’t really on my agenda these days… The Lord’s heavily laid on my spirit something that’s started to burden me… So, instead of being silent and popular, I’ll take my chances on being vocal and possibly disliked..

These posts I’ve been seeing lately where folks are glorifying the fact that they’re “not in church every time the doors are open” but they “believe Jesus is the Son of God, born of a virgin, was crucified on a cross, died for my sins and rose from the dead.”

First, let me say going to church doesn’t save you! Never has and never will.. But… believing a story you heard about Jesus doesn’t save you either…

Is believing the Gospel an absolute for salvation? Yes, no question! These posts, however, aren’t the true gospel and I’m burdened that some folks are taking it that way.

What you aren’t seeing in that post is why Jesus even existed.. Why did He have to die for your sin to begin with? What that post isn’t showing is man’s problem..

You’re wicked… You’re evil… You hate God.. You love sin.. That is our dilemma.. That’s the curse that was placed on Adam and Eve after they sinned and handed down to each of their decedents since then.. (That’s you and me)

So, the whole picture is this.. You’re dead… Spiritually dead on a pathway to hell when you physically die…

But, God, because He loved us, sent His Son… His only Son to live the life we couldn’t live… A perfect, sinless life.. Jesus, came to earth, lived as both 100% God and 100% man.. Faced the same temptations we face, overcame them all.. He was brutally beaten, tortured, humiliated, and hung on a cross.. He took on the wrath of God while He hung on that cross.. He took on our sins and the punishment for those sins.. He didn’t deserve that judgment, we did! We do! But, God loved us so much that while we were still sinners Christ died for us! Jesus took our punishment, so we could take His credit! He was then buried in a tomb where 3 days later, God approving of the sacrificial life Jesus lived, raised Him from the dead!!

Now, God commands all people everywhere to repent and believe on Jesus.. What’s repentance? It’s the gospel Jesus preached! Repentance is a change of mind.. See, repentance isn’t saying “aw I’m sorry God, I’m not perfect.. I’ll do better..”

Repentance is where you loved sin and hated God before, but now by the power and work of The Holy Spirit you hate sin and are in absolute love with God! Jesus has come into your life and you now see how evil and wicked you were and still are.. But you now have a love and passion for God, His Word and His people!

What does a true Born Again believer look like? Well, I can tell you that he is on fire for God, he can’t get enough of God’s Word and God’s commandments..

Does he still sin? Yep.. But, he doesn’t live in a constant state of carnality.. If he does he hasn’t truly been born again… If a man constantly forsakes God’s word, He doesn’t love God’s commandments and he doesn’t love God’s people, that man is still lost..

So, maybe you can see why those posts I keep seeing get me a little ruffled.. It’s not that I believe being in a church building saves you, because it doesn’t.. Our churches are full of carnal, lost folks, too… But not having a desire to be with God’s people and making excuses for it, can be a sign that you’re still lost..

I’d ask you this.. What is God doing in your life?? What is He using you for? How are you advancing the Kingdom? See, you aren’t saved to just go to Heaven one day.. God saves you to know Him and make Him known..

So, while going to church doesn’t save you.. What are you doing to know Him more and what are you doing to make Him more known by the world?? If you can’t answer either of these questions, then I’d urge to seek out someone to talk to.. A pastor, a mature Christian you know, someone… If you don’t have anyone in your life that falls into that category, then message me.. Just don’t let these things go unanswered.. God isn’t looking for perfection… He’s not looking for ability.. He’s looking for availability… God desires a people who desire Him…

Where you stand with Him is the most important question you’ll ever answer in your life…

What makes one saved?

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