Satans weapon is death. Physical and spiritual. His goal, is to keep you from Christ until you die. When this happens, your opportunity for Christ is over.
Christ came, with his weapon. His weapon is life. To have His life, and this life is eternal. He laid down his on life, death on a cross. The good news is, 3 days later, he arose and conquered death. Because he has done this, death has no sting or victory over the one who trust christ with their life…Their whole life. Not talking about a decision to believe that Jesus was real. This is a trust relationship, forsaking everything else.
So Christ offers eternal life to all of mankind. He says come to him and you will not perish.

The bad news, if you choose not to, the grave has victory over your life. Once the line is crossed, their is no return.

Life is eternal…but death is too. In Hell the worm dies not, and the fire is never goes out…..

Let me know if I can help, this is why God allows me to breathe! Praise Him, He is worthy!!

Satan’s Tool