Pride is at the root of every sin. Pride began with Satan, and satan came to earth and confronted Eve with a choice. Pride, on planet earth was conceived that day. The lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life was the issue in the garden.  That issue was presented to Jesus by Satan also. That issue is presented to us every day.

In saying all of that, can pride ever fall in a category of  not being sin. Lets look at a few real life situations. A man has a son. His son is a very talented baseball player who gives 100 percent all the time. Is it okay for Dad to be proud of his son?? Yes it is! But, if the dads focus is his son is “better” than others, thats when it falls  into a sin category.

What about a person who wants to be healthy and fit. Is that bad, when they achieve this?? No its not. As a matter of fact, if you are a believer in Christ, your body is the temple of the Lord. So we should take care of it. So, can it ever fall into a sin. I would say yes. If you want to be fit and healthy, not for the main reason of being fit and healthy, but you want to look better than others and be more fit than others. I would say the pride of life would be fueling your desires, and that would be sin.

What about your faith? Lets say you belong to a church where sin is at a minimum in the fellowship. Lets say, God has added to the fellowship by many new births. Lets say discipleship is happening and people are growing and reproducing themselves in others . Can you be proud of that??? I would say yes!!  But, can that turn into sin? Yes it can.  If your pride is rooted in the fact these things are happening, and we are good because other churches aren’t experiencing that. And there appears to be a comparison going on……that would also fall in the category of “Pride of Life”

Now, let Phil get real. I myself am guilty of being prideful . I confess. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to be in Gods Word and would say, I have almost gone into a “spiritual overload” mode. Sometimes, its overwhelming the amount that I take in. My sin is, I have observed others who haven’t , and have found myself saying, “I can’t believe they said that, how dumb is that”  A week or so ago, there  was a lady who made a comment that was totally non scriptural to prove a point. The scripture she used to prove her point had zero to do with what she was saying. So Phil, on his spiritual high horse, thought how dumb that was. Instead of praying for this person, I elevated myself, and by doing that, I put her down, and that was pride….that was sin.

This post is for followers of Christ. If you don’t know the Lord, you have to deal with your sin. Your sin has separated you from God. If you don’t repent of that sin and scripturally believe in Christ. You will never be reconciled to your creator, and be separated for an eternity. If you accept Christ as Lord, from that point on you will still deal with pride. The difference will be, there is no condemnation for that sin, its paid for. Yes you still have consequences, and God will use those to mode you into the image of His Son, Christ Jesus.

Pride……..Is it sin all the time? Lets take a look.