In my conversations with people from time to time, the question of where does evil come from always comes up. Their logic is, if God is the creator of all, then evil is a part of the creation. I strongly disagree and have much scripture to dispute that argument fully.
To disobey God was to initiate evil. Evil is not the presence of something, evil is the absence of righteousness. You can’t create evil because evil doesn’t exist as a created entity. It doesn’t exist as a created reality. Evil is a negative. Evil is the absence of perfection. It’s the absence of holiness. It’s the absence of goodness. It’s the absence of righteousness. Evil became a reality only when creatures chose to do disobey. Evil came into existence initially then in the fall of angels and then next, in the fall of Adam and Eve.
Angels and humans were created with intellect, reason and choice. God will use what angels (satan and demons) and humans do, to accomplish his will for His Glory.
All of God’s creation, he said was good! Any evil comes from the free choice to do that evil. God will use the evil choices of men to accomplish his will……How do I know that? The Cross.

Where does evil come from….If God is the creator?