The universe is a mathematical and governed by laws. Math doesn’t create anything. Newtons laws doesn’t create anything they simply describe motion. Example….2 +2 =4, that is true, but that doesn’t put 4 dollars in my pocket.
This universe has been designed by a designer! To not “see” that one must be blind.
If you found a 57 chevy in the woods one day while you were walking, you never would say that over a period of time and random chance , this 57 chevy came into being . But yet the miracle of life and this universe can? Time to ponder on these things if you haven’t.
This designer can be known. Everything that exist was created by him for him. One day every knee will bow in submission to him. Today there is grace so come…..but if you cross that line, which some will today, the grace throne turns into a judges throne. At this point, its to late. Holler if I can help.

Can Mathematics create?