Matthew 20:16 So the last will be first, and the first last.”
This text is from a parable. The parable tells us a marvelous truth. No matter who you are, No matter what you have done or not done…If you belong to Christ, you will cross the finish line the same.
Entrance into the Kingdom, is not like a race. Because you have spent 80 years as a faithful Christian will not put you ahead of someone who was saved this morning. Billy Graham, apostle paul, phil, mary, johnny…etc will all cross the finish line at the same time. We all win!!!! There are no losers!!!
After entrance to this eternal marvelous place, there are rewards for what we did with him on earth. But thats another bible study. If your in Christ…you will cross the finish line with all the others in that same position!

In Christ….you win!!!!