“Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: it might have been.” Lost opportunity.
There is coming a day, that has been fixed in eternity. One is taken in judgment and the other is left.
In the days of Noah, nobody was concerned at all about coming judgment. They just kept eating, drinking and living life. Then one day, a watery substance began to fall for the first time from the sky. Before they knew it, they were knee deep in water beating on the side of the boat.
But the door was shut, and nobody was getting on board, And God swept everyone away to their death by a flood.
For every human, there is a day. For some, this is it. There is a point of no return. Satan has said to you, that what phil is saying is true…..but this is not your day, you have plenty of time. Go ahead and live the life you want, and one day, when your ready, then you can get on the boat!
LIE!! Don’t fall of it. Today is the only day promised for salvation.

Lost opportunity..