What is a “miracle”, as we see in the Bible ? Do people today have the ability to perform miracles ?
Jesus performed miracles to prove he was God. Jesus also gave that ability to his apostles as they began to spread the gospel also validating the message .
A brief definition of a miracle is, it is super natural , in other words it exceeds the laws of nature.
Examples.. dead people brought back to life , blind people get site, lepersy disapears right in front of your eyes , the sea splits down the middle and u walk on dry ground , a donkey talks like a human , walking through a solid wall, walking on water …etc
Those are outside the laws of nature . There are many people today who say they represent God, and perform miracles , they have the gift of healing and of signs and wonders.
So if this is this case , how much do they have to hate children to not go to st. Jude and exercise the gift of healing ?? Here’s why, they can’t . Why don’t they walk on water , raise dead people , and walk through a solid wall? Why, they can’t .
So the only miracles you will see them do are “internal ” that can’t be proven . Example : the preacher tells the person they are healed of back Pain! That does not fall in a category of a miracle , and the person can say there pain is gone , but it can’t be verified .
Does God perform miracles today ? Yes , in accordance with his will and not ours.
So it appears millions of people are searching for verification from God in miracles . His final word in scripture is not enough , they need proof .
This issue is not new . Thousands of people “followed” Christ wanting miracles . When Christ died, the Bible only records a little over 100 believers at that time .
Where did they go? When the miracles stopped so did they.
Don’t chase miracles looking for proof. Trust in the one who performed them , and marvel at what was recorded in scripture about the things that were done .
Better than seeking after miracles is taking God at His Word. Simple faith is more pleasing to the Lord than a reliance on a dazzling sensory experience. “Jesus told him, ‘Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed’” (John 20:29).