A lady asked me a few weeks ago “whats going on with you, there is a passion you have that I want?” My answer to her was the powerful WORD OF GOD. Thats it. Its not something that I muster up, it is an overflow of him, and it spills everywhere. Its a light that shines, and must never be put under a bushel, where it shines, there can be no darkness.
The key for me was when I started reading and studying Gods word expositionally. Which means, keeping everything in context, knowing the writer, the subject, the culture and what was going on. Then the book, chapter, verse, sentence then the word study.
Yes, there was some kicking and screaming on my part when it came across that I didn’t think was right.But before it was over, my mind changed and conformed to His word. And Guess what, God was right all the time! ha
So I encourage you, don’t skip across verses pulling here and there. Stick with it, keep your head and discover what he said. And when the puzzle pieces begin to fit perfectly, your worship will increase because you see how Holy, perfect, right, just….He is.
There are major dangers when you don’t study Gods word this way. Here is a great sermon from John McCarthur that is addressing preachers but the reality is….If you are a believer, you are a preacher.

Phil…whats the deal?