The connection between God and man is the spirit. The spirit is the “organ” (for lack of better words) of relationship with God. The spirit is the innermost compartment where God dwells. So when adam sinned…and disobeyed God, God honored Adams freedom. Then God left, closed the skylight behind him. Adams spirit went death chamber dead, dark as pitch. So now, how do you convince a dead man..he is dead? How can a man tell a spiritually dead get up spiritually? The answer is..he can’t.But where a Man has this problem…God doesn’t.Me as a born again believer, who is spiritually alive , can talk to him all day long, and it will do no good. But God, who is the life giver can speak get up…and immediately he does. Only God’s voice can raise the dead.
The question is..How can a man be saved, born again with a spirit that is alive?

“Truly, truly, I say to you, an hour is coming, and is now here, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who hear will live. John 5:25

so through the preaching of the Gospel, wether by a “preacher” at church or you on the street, work, school…etc. Gods word will never ever return void. When a person hears the word, faith comes by hearing, this person has the responsibility to act on what he has heard. He will either believe what was said, or he will not believe. Trust me, there will be a choice made. To say I will choose later, is to say I don’t believe. If you die at that moment, your destiny in hell is sealed for an eternity. Never another opportunity to escape the wrath of God.

We were all born in sin, separated by God. Because we are sinners, A holy God requires justice to be paid for that violation. The penalty for being a sinner is death. So, if you remain on this road, it will end in hell. The problem arises when, we, do not have whats required to escape the wrath of God. A good God and judge will do whats right, and punish criminals, and we all are criminals. So we are hopeless !! Unless God provides a way of escape from this eternal penalty . Here is the good news, He did. God came to earth, wrapped himself in flesh, walked as a human, and never sinned one time. Because of that life, he was righteous . You see, to enter heaven you have to be righteous . And no one on earth has the ability to accomplish that. Because Christ was perfect, He was the only person on earth who qualified to be a sacrifice to pay for sin. So the perfect lamb of God, went to the cross and shed his blood as payment for sin. God was satisfied with this payment, which was made in full.

In closing, there lays 2 options before you. Try to be perfect on your on by being “good” or Be covered By the blood of Christ. Let me help you, no one is perfect. Because you fall short of perfection, cry out to God to show you mercy for your sinful life. The word of God promises…He will save you. Only when you lose this life…..will you get His life. HIs life is eternal, with no death. Not even the grave can hold you!

Adam sinned….His spirit died…..God left. What next?