What a person does in response to Jesus Christ reveals the heart. It reveals the heart in such a massive way that it reveals destiny. A person’s destiny in time and eternity is determined by their response to Jesus Christ.

We all need to examine our lives….are we “fans” of Christ, our do we truly follow him, and our life is marked by obedience to the Shepherd of the sheep.

What ever your passion is , wherever your treasure is….there will be where your heart is also….Is it Christ.

Each day as you wake, are you excited to be Christ ambassador to the world with the message of reconciliation? Are you eager to read his word to you and get instructions on how to live and do His work? Or are you more consumed by who the next coach will be for your college football team?

Im not talking a bunch of do’s and don’ts, Im talking about an intimate love affair with the one who knit you in your mothers womb. A person can know christ, and not “Know” Christ.

I know Donald Trump..but i really don’t KNOW him.

But you can Know him….Jesus the Christ.

knowing Christ